Google Earth Math

Google Earth Math

When you think of using google earth in a classroom, I’m sure you don’t think of it being used in math. If this is true you are missing out on a very fun lesson. This is how you use google earth to do math.

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The first thing you’re going to do is choose a location that the students are familiar with. Before you do the assignment in class visit the place in Google Earth and come up with some questions for your students. The questions can vary in difficulty depending on the students skill level.

It is always best to use recognizable shapes and locations so students can easily follow along.

Another idea would be to find the distance from one place to another and compare it to the distance from another location.


Here are some examples:

1. How many squares do you see on our playground?  The answer is 30

2. Divide the number of squares by the number of basketball hoops? The answer is 7 remainder 2

3. How many Right Angles are there in this picture? Have them work in groups for some of these and then compare their answers. I got 112 for the answer. But I only counted the yellow lines.

This is where the level of thinking becomes higher because you have to discuss what different rationalizations for using in your equation.


Parking lot_2Parking Lots are a lot of fun for fractions. Here are some sample questions for this picture.

1. Write a fraction to show how many red cars there are.

2. Write a fraction for how many cars there are compared to parking spaces.

3. Make your own question for this image.



Disneyland 2

Here is a shot of Disneyland

1. How many round building compared to other buildings.

2. If Disneyland where a clock what shape would you see at 5:00?

3. Create your own Disneyland Problem?

This lesson is very engaging whether you do it on the board as a group or individually in the computer lab. There is no limit to the questions that could be asked and it can be used again and again to integrate geography into your math.

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